T E R M S   A N D   C O N D I T I O N S

1.   Course bookings

  • Upon booking a place on a course, students will get a confirmation email, confirming their booking. 

  • Three weeks before the course starts, students will receive another email asking for the balance to be paid (if not paid in full upon booking (see Payments and Deposits below).

  • Training is not transferable to anyone apart from the named student. 

  • The minimum age that a student needs to be to attend a course is 18 years old. 

2.   Payments and Deposits 


  • Upon booking, students can choose to either;

       Pay a deposit and pay the remaining balance two weeks before their course starts or;

       Pay for the course in full

  • If a student opts to pay a deposit, an invoice for the remaining balance is sent three weeks before their course starts. All balances are payable two weeks before courses start. 

  • If the balance is not paid two weeks before the course starts, the student will lose their deposit. If a student books on a course two weeks or less before it starts, the course fee must be paid in full at the time of booking.  

  • Deposits are non-refundable and are as follows:

       £100 for one course or £200 for two courses over two consecutive days.

  • Students will get a receipt via email for all payments made. 

3.  Finance


     Finance is available through Payl8r.  If a student wishes to apply for finance, they should initally

     enquire through us.  We will take their details, and they are sent a form to complete.

     Decisions on applications are usually made quickly during office hours, but on evenings and          weekends, they are usually made on the next working day.


     If an application is successful, the course fee is paid directly to us, though applications are              kept confidential so we dont find out why someone has been refused etc.

4.  Course Prices


      Hot Locks reserves the right to be able to amend our course prices in future without prior               notice.


5.  Refunds

     Please note, we do not offer refunds of deposits or course fees in any circumstances. Course          fees are transferable to another date with adequate notice. 

6.  Course cancellations 

     If for any reason beyond our control, we are unable to offer a training course  on a date that a          student had booked to  attend, another date will always be offered.  In cirumstances like this,          we would give as much notice as possible, and would contact the student via telephone with        a follow-up text message and email. 

 7.  Cancellation of course/non-attendance


  • If a student wants to cancel their place on a course, they need to call us directly. We will then follow up with an email explaining what happens in the event of a cancellation. 

  • If a student fails to attend their course, or cancels their place at short notice, then the full course price will be payable. 

  • If a student fails to attend and does not give notice, they will lose their course fees.

8.  Rescheduling courses 


     If a student needs to change their course date, there will be no rescheduling fee as long as            adequate notice is given. If the request is made at short notice, a rescheduling fee will be                payable. 

9.  Course times     


      Students need to arrive by 9.15am ready for a prompt 9.30am start. The training day is                       around 9 hours and it finishes when the student is feeling confident in their ability and                       technique. 

10.  During training


  • There will be up to four students on a course, and while most students tend to be female, it is possible that male students will be in attendance. If there are any religious or cultural issues around this, please speak to us prior to booking on a course. 

  • Students are permitted to take photographs of their work, but they are asked to be mindful that others may not want to be in the pictures. 

  • We will take pictures of the students’ work and will also photograph them with their certificates. 

  • Training and assessment is done on the same day and students must be judged to be competent in fitting methods to be awarded a certificate. 



11.  Medical Conditions/learning impairments


  • Students must make us aware of any medical conditions or learning impairments prior to training so we can offer them an alternative training manual and adjust our teaching methods.

  • We can provide 1:1 training for students to aid learning.  

12.  Training materials 

        All documents and training manuals supplied by Hot Locks Training Academy must not be             copied, reproduced, shared, or used in any way other than what was intended. All                              documentation is the property of Hot Locks Training Academy and is copyrighted under law.

13.  Kits

       Kits are provided as part of the course, but if students wish to have a life size mannequin                  head, this costs extra. 


14.  Accreditation

       Courses are ABT Accredited and are insurable. Students of the Hotlocks Training Academy             can get a 10% discount on their insurance premium. 

15.  Certification


  • Certificates will be awarded to students at the end of the course if they have competently demonstrated the required skills and knowledge. Any students who are not yet ready for certification will be discreetly asked to return for further training free of charge.

  • Additional or replacement certificates will be charged at £10 each plus postage. 


16.  Aftercare


  • After their course, support is available via text message, Zoom/Facetime/WhatsApp.

  • Students will also be able to access a private Facebook group where I will be on hand to answer questions or look at work. 

  • Students are also invited back to spend a day in the salon with me to work on a live model before they start on their own clients.

  • If students don’t feel 100% confident or don’t use the skills they’ve learned for a while after completing the training, they can contact me and they can come back for a refresher course free of charge, but the student must have attended a course in the previous 12 weeks.  Proof of attendance must be provided. 


17.  General



When something goes wrong we obviously want to know about it as we want to continuously       improve our standards.  The details of the complaint need to be put in writing as soon as and         we will acknowledge the complaint and try to resolve it as quickly as possible.

18.  Code of Conduct:

Rules for students:


Students should arrive at 9.15am ready to start promptly at 9.30am. 

Dress code

Students must be smart and wear black if possible. Flat shoes are recommended as there will     be a lot of standing.  


An enrolment form will need to be completed prior to training. 

Equipment needed

Students need to bring a hairdryer, curling irons, straighteners, and a pair of hairdressing               scissors. They are responsible for the proper use of their styling tools and we accept no liability     for damage. 

Mobile phones

Mobile phones should be on silent mode during training and only accessed during scheduled       breaks. 


No smoking or e-cigarette use is permitted on the premises. Students can go around the                 corner from the premises if they wish to smoke, but this should be at break times only. 


If anyone is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or is believed to be, they will be asked to         leave immediately. 


Expected behaviour

Students are expected to be respectful and professional, and to adhere to Health & Safety             regulations at all times. Foul language or disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated.